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Leadership skills for the future – Harvesting Leadership

Food Forward, People First!

It was very nice to meet you at Plant FWD! As you know, the food industry is in transition. Technological developments, energy transition and the demand for more sustainable food production are behind this transition. In addition, changing consumer needs, rising costs and labor market tightness also play a role.

These developments bring challenges. Companies and employees must therefore collectively participate in this transition; after all, it’s keep up or drop out!

The transition can be overwhelming, which is why SOL gives companies support to catch up. Hence, our slogan: food moves forward, but put your people first! We are here to help you with that, because the changes that transition brings can be overwhelming.

But where do you start as a business? We are here to help you harvest the leadership skills for the future!

What is SOL?

Stichting Ontwikkelingsfonds Levensmiddelenindustrie (SOL) is the development fund for the food and feed industry and facilitates solutions for and by the sector.

With a focus on investing in vital, skilled and agile employees, SOL contributes to a future-proof food industry, promoting higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

Together, we’re building a future-proof industry. We can help you put your people first. Leadership is an important aspect of this. But how do you prepare your leaders for what is to come? SOL is here to give you the necessary tools to harvest leadership skills for the future!

Food Forward, People First: where do I start?

Business Consultant Thom

Meet Thom! He is a business consultant at SOL and helps clients in the food industry to become future-proof by advising and encouraging them on sustainable employability, including developing skills for the future.

“We have noticed that many companies in this sector face similar challenges. Examples include the skills needed to lead and embrace leadership within this food transition. In my role at SOL, I advise and encourage companies to address this issue. We focus on tangible activities where SOL partners can help. Through the current SOL program, we offer support.

Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that companies in the food industry become vital, skilled, and agile. People are always at the center of this.”

Curious what Thom can do for your organization? Get in touch with him!

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